How To Make Parenting Easy

As a child, growing up in Nigeria was some experience, one that will never be forgotte by me. My took very strict measures with us. The girls among us found them very stifling and controlling. They would never let us come back to the house anytime we wished. There was some sort of curfew. Many times, we were punished by our Parentsneed for coming home very late. All of these made me have a mixture of emotions for my parents—respect and fear. Sometimes I found it hard to believe parents would seek to have such control over their children. I know better now.

When I decided to move to America with my children, I knew I needed to seek advice, to discover a way of parenting them, and disciplining them without spanking since that is illegal in America. I had to kind of find the middle between two extremes. It has not been easy. Recently, I happened to give a ride to a mother and her little daughter. Saying that the child was acting up would be an understatement. She would yell for something now, the next moment.

She would ask her to take down the window, she would do so. Then she would insist she roll it up. The little girl would scream for about just anything. The woman would obey like it is a habit she has been growing for some time, with a long suffering silence. I had to ask the mother what the problem was with her daughter. What happened next both surprises and moved me too pity. The mother broke down in tears and told me she was tired of her daughter.

As a parent, I have discovered that there are other ways to bring up a respectful child who is respectful and still outspoken. I have somehow manages to find a ground in the middle of the two extremes and my children are the proof that it works. No parent is ever ashamed of a respectful and disobedient child. While we are at it, we should also brace ourselves. We should never decide to call it quits on our children. It is something you get used to once you get the hang of it.

She explained that her daughter had always behaved like this and that she was high done. After I made some inquiries, the mother confided in me.However, by the second trimester you have to increase your intake of calories. 340 additional calories is advisable. By the third trimester increase to 450 calorie intake. She told me the daughter was not even up to 6 years old and she could not tell her what to do. The daughter knows she cannot be spanked.

Nutrition During Pregnancy To Raise A Healthy Baby

The joy that comes with most married folks on discovering that they are pregnant and that a baby is on the way is one that is hardly rivaled by any other thing. For many women, this is a dream come true, so they enjoy every moment of their pregnancy. However, with the news of pregnancy comes certain nutritional requirements which pregnant women are advised to adhere to. Adhering to these directives results in the birth of a healthy baby and is one of the first steps towards responsible parenting. Below are some of them. You will be advised by your doctor to include folic acid and iron into your daily requirement of vitamin and mineral. You can decide to go for prenatal vitamins which contains a balanced amount of folic acid and iron. This will contribute to a healthy pregnancy period and the subsequent delivery. Dieting when pregnant is a foolhardy endeavour. You need to reach a specified weight which is required for each period of your pregnancy.

It is important that you avoid unsafe food for the safety of the baby. Do not eat raw seafood, soft cheese and avoid unpasteurized milk and raw meat as some food will be dangerous for the health of the baby. This is because they may contain certain bacteria that will harm the baby. You will also be advised to avoid the intake of alcohol as they will likely cause physical defects, learning disabilities, and even emotional problems. Also limit your caffeine intake. Keep your coffee intake to a maximum of one cup each day as anything above that may cause problems. High caffeine intake could lead to miscarriages and or even low weight in babies. Fish is nice, but eating any type you see is a terrible idea. Some fishes have methylmecury which is a kind of metal that discoveries show are harmful to the brains of growing babies. So if you crave fish, you might just have to rein in on all the craving. Your intake of other nutritional foods will depend on your type of body and the advise from tour fertility doctor. You may be advises to increase your calcium intake or iron supplements.

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